Gracious! It’s been over 18-months sine I posted …

i don’t really have time for this but, I think I would enjoy it, if i ever took the time to try   to sit down and write …

So many ideas … so little time …


Life is full of ebs and flows … time to learn to prioritize … until next time … JCK


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Hope around the Table

via Hope around the Table

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Update …

WOW! I had no idea it had been a full year since I posted a comment …

And what a year it as been … we moved across country , again, twice!

So many things are swimming in my head and so much to share, the only question is where to start? 

So, in May of 2012 Bart  (my hubby!) was sent overseas as part of his contract with WIPRO, working on a project with GE Lighting in Cleveland. He was there for 6-weeks. We used Skype and had a few phone calls and all survived and he was home for a few days and then back to the hotel in Cleveland. In July Cam and I flew to Cleveland (by way of the Akron airport) and spent a few days driving around, looking at lots of apartments, meeting a Realtor and finally lucking into a rental house. The plan was to move from Atlanta to Cleveland the week o f August first, two years to the day from when moved south from St. Louis to Atlanta.

Didn’t quite work that way … 🙂

More to come …


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Have had an amazing week since the first post … Life is so full of surprises.

I have learned that words can be very powerful. Words can be hurtful. Words can challenge. Words can enlighten. Words can empower. Words can make you laugh and smile. Words can make you cry. Words can provide emotions a chance to peek out, in all directions.

I have discovered I am enjoying accomplishing new and here-to-fore unknown achievements. Who would have ever thought I would start a blog?!?!? Who would ever thought I would attempt and be able to participate in a Twitter web “chat?”

Life is so full of surprises!


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“In the beginning … “

So, here we go!

Jumping in with both feet … I have been encouraged to write, to blog!

So, what is a blog? How do you learn to blog? I have no real idea,

I have been told it is like having a chat with family or friends at a coffee shop.

So, here is to jumping off, beginning something totally new, very not in my

comfort zone! I have learned alot about myself in the last few years and one

important lesson is to try new things, especially when they make each of us

stretch and get out of our comfort zone! 

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“In the beginning … “

So, here we go … I have been encouraged to write, to

blog! So, how does a person really learn to “blog?”

What does it mean to “blog?” Well, I hear it means having

a conversation with written words, just as if you and I are sitting at a coffee shop and chatting. Well, here is to many happy adventures in discovery and discovering and to

many new beginnings … Enjoy!

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Hello world!

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Here are some suggestions for your first post.

  1. You can find new ideas for what to blog about by reading the Daily Post.
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